Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is the cooperation between digital influencers and brands. The influencers build their communities by illustrating specific topics, interests and emotions. Thereby, the target audience can be reached individually and accurately fitting and the brand can present itself, benefitting from the influencers network.
Influencer Marketing is the modern word of mouth. One post from an influencer has the same effect as the recommendation of a friend. Authentic and honest.


Neutral, independent advice and brand fit analysis.


Development of objectives (KPIs) and integration into overall marketing plan.


Development of individual concepts and creation of sustainable all-year strategies.


Realization of the content from (planning to execution) and control with conformity of the legal framework.


Control, analysis and evaluation of qualitative and quantitative campaign results.


Development of an influencer network with long-term brand building/binding.

Instagram is THE platform for sharing fotographs and videos. The filters, high-quality accounts and infinite thematic worlds make the network to one of the most popular of all.

  • 800 M monthly active users
  • 19 M users in Germany
  • 95 M picture uploads daily
  • 50 % follows brands
  • Young target group
  • Utilisation time/day: 53 min.

YouTube is entertainment. YouTube is the television of today. Videos to all themes, music and live postings daily attract millions of viewers and content creators.

  • 2 B monthly active users worldwide
  • 6 M users in Germany
  • Young target group
  • Platform reaches 95 % of internet users worldwide
  • Utilisation time/day: 40 min.

Snapchat. Authentic, funny and honest. Just like the real life – shared with all friends.

  • 301 M monthly active users
  • 9 M users in Germany
  • Very young target group
  • 3 B snaps are created daily
  • 10 B video views daily
  • Since the launch of Lens Studio at the end of 2017, over 600.000 lenses have been submitted and generated over 15 B views
  • Utilisation time/day: 50 min.

Facebook is one of the most frequently used social network in the world. News from closest friends and all over the world – whoever is on Facebook is also always informed.

  • 2.2 B monthly active users worldwide
  • 38 M users in Germany
  • Tendency to an older target group
  • Platform with highest reach
  • Utilisation time/day: 58 min.

TikTok calls itself „Global Video Community“ and is represented in 150 countries.

  • 690 M active users worldwide
  • 10.7 M users in Germany
  • High average engagement of 10.94 % (3x more than Instagram)
  • Very popular in the following segments: Dancing, Lip-Sync, Creativity and knowledge sharing
  • Utilisation time/day: 52 min.

Twitch is a live streaming video portal that is primarily used to broadcast video games that players comment on to entertain their viewers. The platform is exclusively used for live broadcasting and is therefore considered the supreme discipline among streamers.

  • 3.58 M unique users monthly
  • 15 M daily active viewers
  • 71 % of Twitch’s users are millennials
  • Twitch broadcasts an average of 11 M videos each month
  • 1.5 B min watch time per month
  • Utilisation time/day: 45 min.