Bring your brand to the show

“We are the influencer marketing agency that combines brands and influencers with the best brand fit
and develops and implements attention-grabbing social media campaigns.”

Our Mission

The Social Web is the biggest show in the world. Including red-hot news and fascinating entertainment, everything is always available worldwide. Get supported by our brand ambassadors, place your brand message on their channels which provide attention and relevance and secure your place in the Social Media world. We make sure to create the right impact for your brand, reaching out to your target audience through different Social Media platforms as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and TikTok.”

Our Services

We serve as a link between brands and brand ambassadors (Influencer/Blogger/Testimonials). Our service is to identify brand values and relevant communication objectives, to select suitable influencers and create an authentic and emotional story hand in hand. Subsequently, it will be placed effectively, and in a manner, appropriate to the specific target audience on the right Social Media channels.

Because of our functioning, which relies on close contact to our business partners and the influencers, we create the right impact for both sides.

This is described as the ideal Brandfit®.

Our Clients